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First Semester of 2019


All our courses follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and they run at various institutions with various outcomes.



At Primary and High School levels:  

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by the proficiency levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference. In some schools they are integrated in the schools curriculum and in others they run after normal school hours as an extra subject or as an enrichment. Grade 12 students can write the Portuguese Matric exam as a normal subject and obtain extra marks for University applications. All other grades can write an international exam with international recognition focusing each proficiency level. If the exam is successful all students will be issued an international certificate stating their knowledge of the Portuguese language.


Majors in Teaching and Translations integrated in the Universities Courses and Curriculum. 

Adult Courses:

Through a partnership with Alliance Française we have language courses that also follow the Common European Framework of Reference. We have courses in this institute in Cape Town, Durban Johannesburg and Pretoria. 
As Camões IC we offer corporate, group and private lessons. We are proud to say that all our staff is highly qualified (degrees and masters with more than 5 years training) and all are native speakers. All teachers come from Portugal and focus on teaching Portuguese as a Foreign Language.
Depending where you enroll for lessons you can either have a six or a three-month course. Group lessons normally happen twice a week after working hours for a period of one and a half to two hours, but private and corporate courses are tailor made to specific requirements. 

10 reasons to learn Portuguese

1. According to OLP Portuguese is the 4th language most spoken in the world. Did you know that more than 240 million people speak Portuguese as their mother tongue?
2. It is a native language in emerging economies like Brazil, Angola, and Mozambique so learning Portuguese may prove to be an excellent career option!
3. Portugal is one of the best destinations in Europe. Lisbon was just considered one of the best tourist destinations in the world. In Portugal, there are lots to know about the real Portuguese lifestyle. So why not visiting Portugal?
4. Have contact with the amazingly welcoming Portuguese culture and people. Portugal is the epitome of a warm culture.
5. Increase your language skills and your ability to speak other languages by learning Portuguese. Did you know that the Portuguese language is one the richest Latin languages? Consider learning Portuguese as a way to enrich your language skills overall.
6. Did you know that there are more than 5 million Portuguese people living outside Portugal? Studying Portuguese in South Africa may be a very nice chance to connect to our heritage.
7. Many Portuguese students often start their Portuguese learning experience by having contact with relatives or friends from Portugal. From the moment they start learning more about Portuguese wines, cuisine or even music the language is always an obstacle. So why not turn it into a bridge to Portuguese culture instead?
8. "Portugueses" are the most welcoming, warm and authentic. 
9. Complement your studies. Portugal is the right place to do an international program such as Erasmus. 
10. Improve your CV by adding a different language. The Portuguese language is spoken in countries where English is not widely used as Brazil, Angola and Mozambique, so learning it should be a very good option if you consider working in a Portuguese speaking country.

With the geographical situation of South Africa and the two new neighbouring emerging economies (Mozambique and Angola) the demand for qualified technicians that can SPEAK, WRITE, READ and UNDERSTAND the Portuguese Language fluently has increased dramatically in the last two years. So, regardless your qualifications, you can expand your business and perhaps have new job opportunities. 
So if you want to know more details and enroll in our lessons you can either contact us directly.